Deterministic and Non-deterministic Wallets

The term cryptocurrency wallet can initially be confusing to some people because they believe it contains their coins. However a cryptocurrency wallet is quite simply where you store your private keys. There are two types of wallet that differ depending on if the keys are related to each other, these are deterministic and non-deterministic wallets. … Continue reading Deterministic and Non-deterministic Wallets

The Internet of Money Review

The Internet of Money is a short book containing highlights from a number of speeches by Andreas Antonopoulos. Andreas is well known in the Bitcoin and blockchain community as a thought leader and subject matter expert.  He is a technologist with a computer science, data communications and distributed systems degrees, he has advised fortune 500 … Continue reading The Internet of Money Review

Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Securing your wallet Your cryptocurrency wallet really is the keys to the castle without it and the private keys within it you will have funds locked into the blockchain with no way to access them. You need to consider wallet security to protect your wallet, firstly from loss or damage,  and secondly from theft. This … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to quickly consume information in what would other wise be dead time like commuting or working out at the gym. In this article we have spent many an hour listening to the various cryptocurrency podcasts available to bring you this list of the best crypo podcasts out there.  Let’s jump … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Podcasts