Coin vs Token

In the world of cryptocurrencies the terms coin and token are often used interchangeably. However, whilst similar there are distinct differences between what a coin and token is, this article aims to define what the differences are between each and give examples. What is a coin? Coins, as the name suggests are intended to be … Continue reading Coin vs Token


ICO and IPO Differences ICO and IPO are both methods of raising money for a business,  IPO’s are the traditional and long-established route whilst ICO’s are the new kid on the block.  Both ICO’s and IPO’s vary significantly both for the companies conducting them and for investors. This article intends to describe the differences between … Continue reading ICO vs IPO

What is the Blockchain? Simply Explained

Blockchain is the technology foundation of cryptocurrencies, which has brought it into mainstream discussion.  But trying to understand blockchain can be difficult, you’ve probably already searched many different articles and just want to simply understand what is blockchain? That is what we intend to give today no fluff no complexity just a simple blockchain tutorial,  … Continue reading What is the Blockchain? Simply Explained

First Post – Why Cryptocurrencies?

This blog is being started by a bunch of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to help beginners get started with cryptocurrencies.  The returns have been unlike any market seen before, creating millionaires and even billionaires.  This past year this has been a wild ride with price at the start of 2017 being under $1000 rising to a high of … Continue reading First Post – Why Cryptocurrencies?