Cryptocurrency Public and Private Keys

The term cryptocurrency is used frequently, but have you taken the time to stop and think what it actually means. The second half of the word is simple currency it’s a type of money, but what does crypto mean and why is it useful? Cryptography can be a complicated subject but today we break it … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Public and Private Keys

What is Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)?

Interest in using the blockchain is increasing, with a report by Netscribes Inc projecting compound growth of 43% per year with the market reaching a 13.96 billion market by 2022. Once an organisation has chosen to deploy a blockchain the next step will be to choose a deployment method, one option is Block Chain` As … Continue reading What is Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)?

Blockchain vs Database

This article aims to describe the pros and cons of using a blockchain versus using a traditional relational database.  Through understanding this article readers should be more informed as to when a blockchain would be an appropriate choice for an enterprise IT project and if its use is appropriate for a new coin/token project that … Continue reading Blockchain vs Database