Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Securing your wallet Your cryptocurrency wallet really is the keys to the castle without it and the private keys within it you will have funds locked into the blockchain with no way to access them. You need to consider wallet security to protect your wallet, firstly from loss or damage,  and secondly from theft. This … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Ledger Live Setup and Review

What is Ledger Live? Announced in early July 2018 Ledger Live is the new software application to manage your Ledger devices including the ever popular Ledger Nano S. Previously you managed your crypto through its dedicated Ledger Chrome app such as the Bitcoin app.  Ledger Live promises to make life easier with a one stop … Continue reading Ledger Live Setup and Review

Cryptocurrency Wallet Types

You need a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies in, however the choice of cryptocurrency wallets can be overwhelming.  In the real world the wallet you select will have different properties and therefore specific advantages and disadvantages.  For example if you go for a super cool snakeskin example it may look cool but it will be … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Wallet Types

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Wallets store Private Keys When you are learning about cryptocurrencies one of the first concepts you will need to understand as a beginner is, what is a cryptocurrency wallet? Like a standard wallet a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet is where you would store your money.  However where things vary a little is that you do not … Continue reading What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?