Coinbase Pro Fees

Coinbase Pro Fees

Coinbase Pro offers relatively cheaper fees compared to Coinbase but getting your head around all the different charges can be a challenge.  In this post we explain what are the fees on Coinbase Pro and how to minimise or even eliminate them.


There is no fee for signing up to Coinbase Pro, it is free to create an account.  If you have a Coinbase account already you can use those details to logon. If you are a new user you can use this link to create an account and will be credited with $10 worth of free Bitcoin when you buy $100 or more of Bitcoin

Trading Fees

Trading fees apply when you buy or sell a Cryptocurrency. There are two ways to trade on Coinbase Pro either by being a market maker (limit order) or a market taker (market order) which option you choose will affect the fees you pay.

Market Order

Market orders are the most straight forward to understand since you simply buy or sell at the current market rate, these trades have a fee of between 0.1-0.3%.

Limit Order

With a limit order you specify the price that you are willing to buy or sell at. By making an offer to the market to buy or sell at a certain level you are a market maker, which means that you are charged zero fees. To learn more about the difference between market and limit orders take a look at our Coinbase Pro Tutorial.

Deposit Fee

Some methods of transferring funds into your Coinbase Pro account incur charges

  • Cryptocurrencies – To deposit cryptocurrencies to your Coinbase Pro wallet there is zero fees
  • Bank deposit – A standard bank transfer will take several days to reach your account but has zero fees
  • Wire Transfer (USD) – To get funds quicker, US customers can use a wire transfer but will be charged $10
  • SEPA (EUR) – European customers using a SEPA transfer will be charged EUR 0.15

Coinbase Pro Withdrawal Fee

Coinbase Pro Withdrawal Fees

When withdrawing funds out of Coinbase Pro fees also apply

  • Cryptocurrencies – To transfer to a wallet outside Coinbase Pro there is zero fees. See our wallet search tool to find suitable cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Bank deposit – zero fees
  • Wire Transfer (USD) – $25
  • SEPA (EUR) – EUR 0.15

Transfer Fee

When making transfers between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro there are zero fees

Coinbase Pro Fee’s Summary Table

Fee Category Type Fee
Trading Fees Limit Order
Market Order
Deposit Fees Cryptocurrency
Bank Transfer (ACH)
Wire Transfer
0.15 EUR
Withdrawal Fees Cryptocurrency
Bank Transfer (ACH)
Wire Transfer
0.15 EUR

Trading On Coinbase Pro with no Fees

In summary you face three potential types of charges in Coinbase Pro for deposits, trading and withdrawals. If you take a look at the fees table above you will notice for each fee category there is a zero fee option. So if you are looking for how to avoid Coinbase Pro you will need to:

  • Deposit – via bank transfer (ACH) or transfer Bitcoin to your Coinbase Pro wallet
  • Trade – use limit orders
  • Withdrawal –  via bank transfer (ACH) or transfer Bitcoin to your wallet outside Bitcoin Pro

If you are a new user sign up use this link to get $10 of free Bitcoin.

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3 thoughts on “Coinbase Pro Fees

  1. Just a question, it says a bank transfer has zero fees, but I am in the UK and my UK bank account charges for overseas transfers, would a transfer of funds to Coinbase Pro be charged as an overseas transfer and therefore incur the charge?

    1. You would not be charged a fee by Coinbase. But yes if the target currency in your Coinbase Pro account is not the same as your native currency then you may be charged international banking fees by your bank. Check with the bank

    2. Probably the best option is to use revolut. You can exchange currencies in revolut with a few clicks. Also you can transfer in GBP (if you are a UK customer) to Coinbase Pro and it only takes a few hours to deposit/withdraw. – And it doesn’t cost anything…

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