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The Best Cryptocurrency Blogs

We have scoured the internet and searched far and wide to bring you the best cryptocurrency blogs out there.  There are plenty of cryptocurrency site lists that focus on news sites like Coindesk and Cointelegraph, whilst these are great sites and should be in any would be investors arsenal we wanted more.  We wanted independent sites that published hand crafted original content.  So after much consideration we came up with the following list, not in any particular order, all good cryptocurrency blogs.

Top Cryptocurrency Blogs

The CryptoStache

Any site named after a body part is good with us.  Written by Shea Newkirk or “The Stache” this site takes a fun and informative look at cryptocurrency.  Averaging about one new article a week covering everything from trading to mining, the site also features a nice beginners guide section. The CryptoStache now also has a YouTube channel

Coin Noob

As the name suggest this crypto site blog to be beginner friendly, as they say their goal is “to make cryptocurrency easy to understand for everyone”.  The site is co-owned by Pascal Thellmann and Carlos Domenici and again contains plenty of independent thought pieces plus ICO coverage

Quick Penguin

Another originally named blog Quick Penguin, is a newish site having been started in the latter part of 2017.  There is lots of practical information on here like how to buy alt coins through to some nice thought pieces like HODL v Trade .  What has crypto got to do with penguins, don’t ask us.


Can you name your own site in the top crypto blog list, hell yeah!  At 1DayDude we bring a fresh and original look at cryptocurrency and blockchain without the hype and BS.  We are not afraid of going in deep into technical information, oh and we have the coolest logo in the crypto space.  Be sure to subscribe for updates.


The OG, the big daddy in the cryptocurrency blog space.  Long established and a highly popular crypto blog, similar to those others listed it is well written and accessible to all.  Also the home of the legendary Bitcoin obituaries section where they keep a count of the number of times Bitcoin has been pronounced dead in the media.


Another well established site that focuses on the technical side of cryptocurrency with guides into infrastructure based elements such as the blockchain and developer content like learning Solidity

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best cryptocurrency blogs, if we missed a cool crypto blog let us know in the comments

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