Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to quickly consume information in what would other wise be dead time like commuting or working out at the gym. In this article we have spent many an hour listening to the various cryptocurrency podcasts available to bring you this list of the best crypo podcasts out there.  Let’s jump straight into our picks:

The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Unchained – Is a blockchain focused podcast hosted by Laura Shin, a regular contributor to Forbes. Laura connects with some of the leading figures in blockchain to discuss their take on the latest industry news, events and technology developments.  The show regularly discusses matters related to cryptocurrency but also covers other blockchain related industries such as healthcare and IoT. Podcasts are published on a weekly schedule and available across all the expected formats

What Bitcoin Did – This podcast is hosted by Peter Mcormack  who describes himself as a cryptocurrency miner and trader. The show is generally in an interview format with Peter talking to various industry leaders, he appears to have excellent access to some of the leading lights in the industry with past guests including Charlie Lee, Jamerson Lopp and Roger Ver. Generally published weekly and again available in all the major formats

Coin Mastery  – hosted by Carter Thomas is somewhat unique, in that the show is available in both podcast format and on his YouTube channel. This is a cryptocurrency market focused podcast discussing the latest news, and looking at the price action of tokens using technical analysis.  Definitely an interesting podcast if you are interested to learn from the experience of a long time trader and develop your technical analysis skills

Bad crypto podcast

Bad Crypto – Modestly called The World’s Best Cryptocurrency Podcast this show is wacky, differing from all of the above which are delivered in a serious and professional format.  If you wish to consume your information in a more fun off the wall format check out Bad Crypo where a mix of market discussion and humour are the order of the day. The show is hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright

Unconfirmed – Laura Shin makes her second appearance on our list of top Cryptocurrency podcasts. Unconfirmed is her second podcast format, differing from Unchained with Crypto being it’s only focus and a shorter time format with each show format running approx. 20 minutes.  What does not differ from Unchained is the quality of the guests and the in-depth conversations

Can’t decide which one to listen to? Check out Kim Coin, this site acts as an aggregator pulling some of the best podcasts in the space into a single place.

In the fast moving world of cryptocurrencies the challenge of keeping up with the tech technology and market is real.  Podcasts present a convenient way to keep up to date, if we missed out your favourite podcast let us know in the comments.  Also be sure to check out our guide to the best cryptocurrency blogs.

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