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Ledger Nano S Setup

The Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular and secure wallets available since it never exposes your private key.  In this guide we run through how to set up the Ledger Nano S.

Purchasing A Ledger Nano S

If you have not already purchased a device and are planning to get one, make sure that you buy direct from the manufacturer to ensure that the device has not been tampered with. You do this by visiting their official website.


Ledger Nano S Box

When your device does arrive you will receive a neat looking box like above.  Inside the box you will find three things; the device itself, some paper cards and what looks like a shoelace which is for if you want wear it round you neck.  Not sure why you would want to wear it round your neck unless you are some kind of OG and your going to bling it up.

The paper work comes on three cards, one that allows you to note down your 24 word recovery phrase, you will need this so set it to one side. One that lets you know the box is not tamper proof but that your devices checks its own integrity at power on and the last card gives you the web address for the start up instructions.

Nano Setup Instructions

Getting started

For this stage you will need your:

  • Recovery phrase card
  • Ledger Nano S Device
  • USB cable

The contents of the Ledger Nano Box

You interact with the device using the two buttons on top of it and by looking at the inbuilt screen.  The left and right buttons are used for navigation whilst pressing both buttons at the same time allows you to confirm or select a menu item

Ledger Nano S buttons

How to setup the Ledger Nano S

The high level steps you will need to run through are

1 Update the firmware (optional but recommended)

2 Plug the device into a computer via USB cable and confirm you wish to setup

3 Set PIN

4 Note down recovery phrases

5 Confirm recovery phrases

6 Install Ledger apps

Let’s get started and look at each step in turn.

Updating Firmware

The firmware is the software that sits on the device itself and allows it to function. Before we start the setup process we are going to check that the firmware is up to date.  This step is not essential to the process so if you like skip ahead to device setup.  However running the latest version of the firmware will mean you have access to the latest features and security fixes. Also running a firmware update means that you have to completely wipe your device and then restore it, so doing this before you use it is an easier option.

To check your current firmware version press and hold the right button of your Ledger and plug it into your USB cable and you should see the word recovery appear.

  • Press the right button until you see the Settings menu and then press both buttons together to enter the settings menu
  • Then navigate through Settings > Device > Firmware. (left and right buttons to move, both buttons to select). Refer here to check that you are on the latest version
  • If you do need to update your firmware follow the steps on the Ledger site for how to update your Ledger Nano S. This site will describe all the steps but in short you will install the Ledger Manager Chrome extension which will download the firmware and push it to your device for you.

Setting up our Nano

Plug in your device into a USB cable attached to your computer and then look at the screen on your device which will prompt you for the next steps:

Ledger Nano S initial welcome message at start of setup

  • First you will see a welcome message and be asked to press both buttons to begin
  • Next click on the right hand button to confirm that you want to configure this as a new device
  • Next you are prompted to choose a PIN, press both buttons to begin The minimum PIN is 4 digits in length and can be up to 8 digits
  • You then are prompted to confirm the PIN code by entering it again. You will need the PIN each time you use the device so make sure you remember this
  • Write down your recovery phrases. Press both buttons down to begin and then 24 words will appear on the Ledger Nano screen one at a time, write down each in turn. This step is super important as these words form the backup of your device and are known as a mnemonic phrase.  Never store this online and keep it somewhere safe as you will need it if you ever need to recover your device,
  • Confirm your recovery phrases. You will be prompted for each of your words, scroll through the words available and match to those you wrote down. If you did it all correctly you will see the below confirming the device is ready

Ledger Nano S displaying ready status after completing setup

Installing Apps

The first piece of software you will want to install on your computer is the Ledger Manger which lets you update the firmware of your device and add additional applications to it which extends its functionality. Also available now is the Ledger Live software

Chrome extension to install Ledger manager

  • Log onto your computer
  • Head over to the Ledger apps page and chose to go to the Ledger Manager page
  • Ledger manager is a Chrome extension, choose to install it
  • Choose to launch the Ledger Manager

Next you will want to install apps for the coins you own, each coin or token you wish to store will require it’s own app. If you are not sure if your Coin is supported see Ledger Nano s supported coins

  • Connect your Ledger Nano S via USB cable and log onto your computer
  • Choose to launch the Ledger Manager on your computer from here
  • Enter PIN on device when prompted, then press both buttons together
  • Select the app you want to install through Ledger Manager and click on the green arrow next to it to install
  • Click on allow access on your device and your chosen app will install

Ledger Manager apps installed to allow more coins to be stored





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