Receive Bitcoin to Ledger Nano S

How to receive Bitcoin to a Ledger Nano S

Get ready to receive your first Bitcoin to your Ledger Nano S, in this post we run through the complete process to get Bitcoin to your Ledger Nano S. If this is the first time you are using the Ledger Nano S, check out our initial setup guide.

1 Open Ledger Live and enter your password if you set one

Ledger Live password screen

2 On the left hand menu click receive

Ledger Nano S Receive Menu

3 From the drop down list select the cryptocurrency you wish to receive, in this case Bitcoin.

Receive Bitcoin Ledger Nano s

4 Click next and you will then be prompted to connect and unlock your device with it’s pin.

 ledger enter pin to unlock the device

5 You now need to choose the Bitcoin application on your device. Move through your available coin applications by using the left and right buttons and then press both together when you see Bitcoin

ledger nano s selecting bitcoin application

You should then see the below confirmation screen showing that the device is connected and ready.

Ledger Live Device connected screen

6 A screen will then appear asking that you to verify the address shown on the device and Ledger Live match, click verify to proceed with this step.

7 You will then be shown a screen with the receiving address and a QR code for the address.  Copy the address and provide this to the sender of the transaction. Be careful the address does not change when you copy it, there has been reports of viruses that can do this.


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