Decred Wallet

Decred is a blockchain based cryptocurrency with a strong focus on governance.  To interact with the governance process you use a Decred Wallet.  This article looks at compatible wallets for storing, sending /receing and interacting with the voting system used in Decred. Best Decred (DCR) Wallets The above table shows a list of the best … Continue reading Decred Wallet

Zcash Wallets

Zcash (ZEC) is a privacy focused coin originally forked from the Bitcoin blockchain.  To manage and store your Zcash you will need a cryptocurrency wallet.  In this article we review the best ZEC wallets looking at both hardware, mobile and desktop wallets. Best Zcash (ZEC) Wallets The above table shows the available cryptocurrency wallets for … Continue reading Zcash Wallets

Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Securing your wallet Your cryptocurrency wallet really is the keys to the castle without it and the private keys within it you will have funds locked into the blockchain with no way to access them. You need to consider wallet security to protect your wallet, firstly from loss or damage,  and secondly from theft. This … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Wallet Security