The internet of money review

The Internet of Money Review

The Internet of Money is a short book containing highlights from a number of speeches by Andreas Antonopoulos. Andreas is well known in the Bitcoin and blockchain community as a thought leader and subject matter expert.  He is a technologist with a computer science, data communications and distributed systems degrees, he has advised fortune 500 companies and had more than 200 articles published.

As a regular speaker at events this book brings together a number of his best speeches into print format. If you are already a crypto fan, and someone has challenged you on what is the point of cryptocurrencies, or you yourself remain unconvinced and want to understand more about what the purpose of cryptocurrencies is this is the book for you.

This book aims to answer the why of cryptocurrency and it makes a very convincing job of doing so. If by the end of this book you are not leaning out of your window shouting at passers-by to join in the crypto revolution it would be surprising, such is the passion and well thought out arguments Andreas presents. He puts forwards the arguments for Bitcoin in a clear and simple manner both in terms of social and economic factors. Although Bitcoin is referred to exclusively throughout the text it is fair to say this is being used as it is the best known cryptocurrency, many of the discussions and  suggested use cases could easily be applied to other cryptocurrencies.

The book is concise and each section highlights the best parts from a previous speech with each just being a few pages long. This is not a book you need to read end-to-end, you can just dip in and out of the speeches and read them in any order you fancy.

Possible negatives would be you can get most of these speeches free on YouTube and they can become a little repetitive making the same point in several speeches. The speeches and are several years old the market has moved on and some other points such as very low transaction fees and not entirely relevant.


This is an excellent addition to any Bitcoin fans bookshelf or for those who just want to understand the rationale behind cryptocurrencies. This is the manifesto of Bitcoin and why it matters. Those looking for more technical detail might want to checkout Mastering Bitcoin.



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